Materials & Craftmanship

The ArtProEasel is made from hand-selected baltic birch plywood - one of the strongest and most well-balanced wood. The easel is cut on the CNC machine and then hand-crafted to the point of packing and shipping. Each easel is hand inspected before it is shipped.

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Fast & Easy Setup

ArtProEasel combines features from various Plein Air models available in both the USA and Europe. It underwent testing and received approval from multiple Plein Air artists before its market release. Its emphasis on speed and user-friendly design ensures efficient use. ArtProEasel guarantees swift and effortless performance.

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Perfect Size

The upholder (canvas holder) will hold up to 18" vertical canvas with a solid grip. You can easily paint on 18x24 with no movements of the canvas.

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Large Palette

The palette or mixing area on a Small-400 easel is 9" x 14" and 9" x 24" on the Large-600 easel, which gives you a lot of mixing estate. You can also use the left wing as the additional mixing area as well

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ArtProEasel Rounded

Adjustable Handles

A lot of times you need to adjust the level of your palette which sometimes looks like a huge challenge with other easels. Not with ArtProEasel! The handles are easily adjustable to set the easel to what you need in no time

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Designed from experience

ArtProEasel is designed with the idea of ease of use and not overwhelming built-in options that sometimes get in your way. ArtProEasel offers you what you really need

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Palette Insert Options

ArtProEasel comes with several palette insert options:
- Baltic Birch wood treated with multiple layers of Teak Oil, resulting in a polished surface with a smooth finish;
- Transparent Vinyl Insert;
- White or Grey Vinyl Insert.
The clear/transparent, white, or grey inserts shipped already installed. The back of the easel has a 0.5" hole for easy insert replacement.

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Currently, to ensure affordability of ArtPro Easels for all artists, we exclusively sell our easels only on our website and do not utilize resellers.