It all started with Vlad Duchev and Oleg Shvets - the "Great Team". They started several successful businesses from the ground... and the idea of making "Made in USA" easels that will work as a combination of many easels on the market was always in the air.

As the Plein Air artist, I went through a lot of easels, if not all of them that are available on the market. Some of them were very good, and some of them... really not good. And the idea of making "the One" was always hunting me. One day... as usual I shared this idea with my dear friend Oleg who always was the engine of our all operations. We thought about it and even came out with a pretty good design.

Going to all Plein Air competitions I started collecting information about the gears of all plein air artists around me. And what was very interesting was that the majority of the artist's easels were modified one way or the other. I realized that there is no way we can design One Perfect Easel that will fit all the needs. We came out with a list of the most important items that the easel must have.

Stability - make sure the easel is very stable and the wind would not knock it out;

Ease of Use and Fast Setup - It is very important to have an easel that is very easy to set up and take it down due to weather changes;

Real Estate - meaning enough space for the accessories such as brushes, cups, drawing tools, etc.;

Big Enough with Shallow Mixing Palette - This is what every artist will ask for;

Lightweight - to make sure the artist is painting more and less exercising...

All the listed above items were addressed in ArtPro Easel.

One day we rented the space, ordered all required CNC, laser, and cutting machines, and started production. This is how it started. We always work on making it even better, as well as designing different versions of the ArtPro Easel.

If you have any suggestions for us, please reach out. We always listen to all recommendations. We appreciate your support!